Our group comprises of professional from various industry specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Landscape, Construction. Our clients engrave in their memory of us is our group name CG Group.

Our brand tells a million words of our milestones we have walk on and redefined a set of skills to resolve our client / partners bottlenecks. Via open dialogue sessions, our questionnaires to our partner is direct and simplify of getting their concerns resolved. For these, we have leave down a deep impression to our partners. Whenever there is any site maintenance or construction works, our partners first thought was CG Group.

Hiring on merits, we hire candidate on good personality and sailing towards on building our group professionals to better serve our clients well. Our people is our group branding. Effective and efficiency you may think about us.

On a building renovation, imagination and creative is the overall design. Visual perspective to the space where our client is able to visualize on the drawings of the space they will be utilizing. Comparable to before and after. We named it as overhaul and update to building interior or exterior to enhance value.

We may build up perfectly for your building renovation and its construction works. We understand that our clients requirements is important so we the extra mile to ask more questions to ensure that nothing is a after thoughts for easy maintenance in future.

Our people is our branding, we partner with you no matter how big or small the project value, we would want to speak to you.

Hope we could built a forthcoming and strong relationship with you.