Interior or Exterior Design

Our architect will guide you step by step in realising your concept into building the space. Our Building renovation coupled with architectural 3D design, moodboard, artist impression, giving a sneak preview of how your building Impression will look like (copyrights).

Building renovation + fitting out, in two folds.

Design stage, execute with pre-planning construction stage. Our Architect conduct meeting with client via design requirements plan for space usage, type of space for intended use, obtain layout and building plan, topography survey around nearby neigbours building. The renovation can be interior design or external facade design depend on client preferences.

Fitting out Works

Building renovation is one or another way to increase property value. Client usually take this step as part of the investment to attract higher rental yield or to sell the property at above market valuation. Renovation is also a process to replace all worn out fittings, outdated finishing and to address the housing defects.

Specialised with government submission, A&A, minor or major renovation. Let our team handle all for you.