CG specialised in waterproofing, repair & redecoration, civil engineering, additional & alteration work.

We have completed swimming pool waterproofing, reburbishment of tennis court, facility space, install roofing waterproofing, RC flat roof waterproofing, drain construction, kerb construction, repair & repainting, highrise external facade brick laying, plastering, tiling and glass block.

In 10 years interval, where waterproofing deteriorate, this is the time building owner has to be wary to inspect their swimming pool for water leaks.

In an interval of 7 years, paint work for the building will turned powdery, loosen flake paint which is a good indication signs that your building requires to carry out wall crack repair + repainting to the building, reapplication of sealant works.

CG is specialised in all type of wall construction, retaining wall, false ceiling construction, spalling concrete repair with the proper methodology on the treatment. As architectural finishing is part of our specialised work scope, we are able to identify the type of tiles finishing or plaster for your building too.

To enquire on our service, please contact us for an site survey.