The built environment sector play a vital role in transforming Singapore into contemporary city. Constantly reviewing of construction process and technologies, our group is actively involve in additional & alteration projects, building renovation overhaul and construction installation works.

Partner with Managing Agents, Developer, Main Contractor, Architect, Building Owners. CG group main objective is to enhance building value by updating older building facility finishes to a enjoyable space to the public with a new refreshing update appearance. Space Planning is crucial in a project to better utilize the space to maximize the facility usage. The group are currently registered with Singapore Contractor Associates alongside with a few major construction players in the market. Our core works are:-

Epoxy coating

Civil Engineering (drainage)

Construction of bricks, retaining wall, glass block and masonry repair works to spalling concrete and general repairs.

False ceiling construction to new / old development

Waterproofing to RC slab, sealant works.

Architectural Finishes of a Building internal and external facade installation.

Additional & Alteration to Building, renovation to building internal and external.

Metal fabrication works.