CG specialised in electrical installation, maintenance. We have our in house LEW to endorse for the electrical installation works.

Our M&E are installation of building lightings, building electrical cable installation, cable fault findings. There are from the public and private sector which we provide our service to managing agent for on-site electrical maintenance, while the other is new development for electrical cables installation works.

As we equip specialised calibrated electrical tools, we are able to identify the fault by tracing. We have to-date assisted various managing agent in clearing more than 30 over projects with electrical defects. These are the defects which had been accumulated to years. Upon managing agent took over the site, by our site survey, we provide an quotation to troubleshoot the electrical faults and follow up with suitable rectification.

The operation of M&E are carefully evaluated by our competent technical person, which follow up with a proposal to make good your site defects.

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