Jun 2022: CG Group awarded A&A works for vertical steel structure, installation to canopy and bicycle racks.

Mar 2022: CG Group awarded tender for refurbishment construction project to tennis court, squash courts.

Jan 2022: CG Group awarded Fire door installation + architectural tiling.

Oct 2021: CG Group awarded tender waterproofing project work to swimming pool, jacuzzi, shower point. The swimming pool is located at the top of the building with residential unit below, the scope of works include hacking to all pool tiles + screed, erect & setup tent, waterproofing to pool and retile. Scheduled 1 Oct 2021, duration 4 months.

Aug 2021: CG Group awarded tender A&A construction work to residential staircase landing. The staircase is located for resident to enter from public bus stop. The scope of work include hacking work, wooden form work, rebar construction to staircase landing extension, raising up height to be complete with pebbles wash finishes. Schedule 1 Sep 2021, duration 1 month.

July 2021: CG Group awarded tender for Electrical project work. The scope of works include to replace all entire outdoor electrical, raising up height for electrical cabling and to proper the cabling at all common area landscape. Scheduled: 1 Aug 2021, duration 1 month.